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Buy 2 Obagi Pro Clear #3 - Get 1 Free

Buy 2 Obagi Pro Clear #3 - Get 1 Free

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The Obagi Nu-Derm Clear #3 is the most crucial step in the Nu-Derm System. This skin lightener is responsible for eliminating and preventing age spots, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone and discoloration. The Obagi Clear is a correcting cream that will leave the skin smooth, flawless and even. Daily use of this skin lightening and correcting agent will help restore and rebuild melanin in the skin, allowing for a more even and toned skin complexion.

The Clear is the most effective step in the Nu-Derm System because of its delivery method. It penetrates deep in the third layer of the skin to reduce and fade brown spots, dark spots, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and discoloration. The Nu-Derm Clear is ideal for all skin types. For best results, apply the Clear twice daily, once in the morning and again at night.

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