SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel 2oz

SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel 2oz

Brand: SkinMedica

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SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel is a highly effective scar management treatment that helps to soften, smooth and minimize the appearance of pink scars on the skin. The Scar Recovery Gel contains Centelline, a synergistic complex comprising Centella Asiatica, Bulbine Frutescens and Oleuropein. The key ingredient Centelline helps to promote a healthy recovery, minimize the appearance of pink scars and offer hydrating and soothing qualities for an overall speedy and efficient recovery from unwanted pink scars. The gel works on new and old scars and helps to even out the skin tone.

In a clinical study, 80% of patients saw their scars reduced and the overall appearance of the skin improve in 6 months time. Use of this gel will help to improve the healing process and heal damaged cells for a smoother, more even skin texture.


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