EltaMD Laser Post Procedure Balm (Single Packette)

EltaMD Laser Post Procedure Balm (Single Packette)


  • $1.35

EltaMD Laser Post Procedure Balm is a highly concentrated moisturizer that is formulated in an opaque, non-water-soluble ointment. The Laser Balm facilitates a speedy healing process after such cosmetic procedures as Erbium Laser, CO2 Laser and microdermabrasion. The Balm helps to keep post-procedure wounds moist and prevents them from crusting over. When applied, the Laser Balm immediately penetrates deep inside the skin in order to assist the skin to retain natural moisture content.

The moisturizer is capable of delivering up to 12 hours of concentrated hydrating power without any sensitivity or added irritation. The Laser Balm Post-Procedure has the power to soothe, moisturize and strengthen even the most sensitive dry, tight and damaged skin tones. The moisture may be applied to the affected areas as many times as required. The product does not cause discomfort and is considered to be safe for use around the eye area.

*Comes in packets of 1.


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